Sydney live music venues in the Inner West

The Definitive List of Sydney Live Music venues outside the Lockout Zone.

Sydney live music venues


Whilst the Sydney lockout has pushed the live music scene out of the city limits, there are still plenty of hotspots outside the city that are keeping the Sydney Live Music scene alive.

As many Sydney-siders know; the Inner West is famed for having a diverse amount of restaurants, bars and theatres as well as a historically eclectic live music scene. Those places worthy of a mention include:



Glebe Point Road is a haven for anyone with an ear for live music. Venues like Falcon’s and The Little Guy have set the bar high for a great night of instrumentals and with Newtown a 10 minute Uber away, you can’t go wrong. Alongside Falcon’s and The Little Guy, we also recommend checking out The Record Crate and Sappho Books Cafe & Wine Bar.



Newtown’s King Street has long been hailed the gem of the Inner West because of its’ colourful array of bars, restaurants and theatres but the live music scene there isn’t too shabby either. Since the closure of the Newtown Social Club, the Sydney live music scene has taken a bit of a hit but there are still some great venues in Newtown that are worth checking out. Our personal favourite is Leadbelly (the new and improved Vanguard) which sells great food and drink and sees a whole host of bands playing Thursday to Saturday. Another great spot in Newtown is the appropriately name Corridor which plays live music through Tuesday and Thursday.

Some other spots well worthy of a shout out include STEKI taverna and the SLY FOX hotel.

Surry Hills


Surry Hills is well known for having a wide variety of restaurants, design galleries and theatres but few know it as one of the best Sydney Live Music scenes.

Famous for its dollar dogs and American style booths, Soda Factory is up there with the best. They regularly host live music nights as well as free movie nights and weekday meal specials.  Up there with Soda Factory is Venue 505 which hosts a wide range of live music genres for even the most seasoned music heads.

Some other great places to check out in Surry Hills include Play Bar and Cafe Lounge.

Where else?


There are  a number of other venues that add to the Sydney live music scene all across the city and you can search here to find out more.

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